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We have consultants with operational experience of school management and extensive experience of recruiting for key functions in which leadership is the focus.

Primary and lower-secondary schools and the education sector as a whole are facing huge challenges in terms of attracting and recruiting the right expertise for their socially-critical key positions. A large number of retirements, many people leaving the profession and too few graduates are the reasons for this. School Managers today undertake very complex duties, with much of their time spent on recruiting the right staff, time which instead could be spent on their main role – managing and developing the school and its educational work.

Our customers work within preschools, primary and lower-secondary schools, universities, colleges, adult education and other educational organisations. We provide high-quality, cost-effective processes relating to roles where our method clearly adds value for our clients. We recruit roles for school management such as preschool directors, principals, assistant principals, deans, supervisors, etc. and for business roles such as Regional Managers, Operational Managers and Business Area Managers.

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