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Media & Entertainment

The pace of change within Media and Entertainment is impressive. The traditional media are being challenged by new media and new technologies are affecting consumption patterns and business models.

Digitisation and Big Data are two prominent themes within the industry. Traditional media such as TV and print media are being challenged by streaming services and online media. Advanced data analysis creates new opportunities for advertising, marketing and personalised services. Within betting and gaming, mobile products are growing strongly. E-gaming is growing. VR is still in its infancy stages technologically speaking, but it may have an impact on the industry in the long term.

Many of our clients in more traditional companies often look for senior managers from digital entertainment companies in order to be able to pursue change more quickly. Many clients are looking for leaders with very extensive knowledge of digital transformation and digital business models. Experience from traditional companies is also in strong demand.

Our clients range from large global corporations to Nordic corporations and medium-sized growth companies with global ambitions. Our most common recruitment assignments involve roles such as CEO, as well as other senior management positions, such as CFO, CHRO, CTO, CDO, CIO and CSO. We can also assist with recruiting other senior management positions. We have many years of industry experience and excellent knowledge of the candidate market.

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