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Within the IT industry, development is moving at a rapid pace. IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), chat bots, blockchains, IT security, intelligent apps and data analysis; all these are concepts and technologies that we increasingly see being used by our customers. Furthermore, the Cloud has become even more intelligent, which means that the boundaries between the various players in the value chain are, to some extent, being erased.

Our tech customers are usually looking for candidates who have a comprehensive understanding of new technologies and the business benefit that such technologies can create for their customers. As technological development moves faster and faster, our clients are often looking for change managers who can drive innovative services, customer-driven innovation and put new business models in place at a time when the word “disruptive” is on everyone’s lips.

Our customers include everything from small family-owned companies to large international groups looking for roles such as Managing Director/CEO, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Sales Manager/Commercial Director, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CDO (Chief Digital Officer).

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