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Through Executive Search, we help our customers to hire the leaders who are best placed to reach and exceed their set goals.

Since 1996, we as a recruitment company have performed over 2500 Executive Search assignments in various industries and functions. Our consultants have their own line manager experience from different industries and understand the challenges that today’s leaders face in everyday life. We value transparency and communication highly and work continuously to make our processes more equal and inclusive. This allows us to deliver the candidates who are best suited for the role. A solid analysis of the role’s purpose, goals and conditions, combined with deep business and industry understanding, validated processes and personal commitment, ensures that we can recruit the right leader, to the right position. Read more below about the industries our customers operate in.

Selection of previous recruitments:

Recruitment – Product Area Manager

Recruitment of a product area manager for a Swedish industrial trading company. The company sells industrial supplies such as tools, machinery, protective equipment, industrial components for storage, sealing, transmission and automation to industrial, construction and real estate companies. Recruitment Stockholm

Recruitment – CEO

CEO recruitment to an award-winning design and concept agency active in the hospitality and experience industry. A company with about 40 employees who work with concept and brand development, storytelling, interior architecture, design and communication for clients, primarily in the hotel and restaurant industry. Recruitment Stockholm.

CEO recruitment – Industrial Group

CEO recruitment to one of Norway’s leading entrepreneurial and industrial groups, which creates value for its customers by shaping the future with the help of entrepreneurial, energy and environmental operations, and with an uncompromising approach to safety and ethics. The entrepreneurial spirit in the company is characterized by an ability and willingness to think differently, and to find better and more future-oriented ways to create value. The company’s approach should be characterized by professionalism and high ethics. Recruitment Gothenburg.

CEO recruitment – State-owned company

CEO recruitment to a Swedish state-owned company founded in 1994. Working in this company requires a strong interest in people, entrepreneurship in widely different businesses and industries and a commitment to long-term societal development. The main focus of the CEO role is to lead an organization and contribute to the continued development and refinement of the Scanian companies, which requires an ability to lead, communicate and collaborate beyond the ordinary. Recruitment Malmö.

CEO recruitment – confidential

Many companies turn to a recruitment company like K2 Search to handle a CEO recruitment confidentially. For various reasons, the client cannot be open to the outside world about the fact that a recruitment at CEO level has begun. Recruitment then becomes more of a search assignment