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Interim Management

In order to achieve results and goals at the right time, there is often a need to able to secure the right leadership and relief for the organisation at short notice. Hiring an interim leader (manager) is often a good option when there is no time for recruitment, or no long-term need for a permanent employee.

When is Interim Management suitable?

We are the right partner and Interim Management is often the right service when our customers are facing:

  • personnel changes
  • organisational changes
  • specific projects
  • long-term sickness leave or parental leave
  • a generational shift
  • internationalisation
  • an IPO
  • a merger

We work with interim managerial and leadership assignments, for shorter or longer assignments, to meet the needs of our customers. It is a cost-effective option, as it does not involve any start-up or winding-up costs.

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is, simply put, a temporary solution when an organisation, planned or at short notice, hires a professional and operative manager with extensive experience for a limited period for a specific mission/task. Interim Management has grown rapidly to become a clear choice for many organisations when a need for external expertise arises at management level.

An Interim Manager is a safe source of knowledge and expertise, and someone who:

  • is quick at analysis and evaluation
  • has the capacity to quickly define an operational plan
  • has the ability to motivate others
  • achieves set goals
  • hands over a result and action plan to their successor/client

How do we work?

We use the same headhunting & search method for an Interim Management assignment as we do for recruiting for a permanent position through Executive Search. Our search and selection process includes, among other things, a survey of the available skills on the market and within our existing network from previous assignments, as well as an extensive search of different types of networks, in order to quickly find available Interim Managers on the market. Naturally, we also have a comprehensive process for taking up references. Background checks and tests can also be included in the assignment, if required.

Our methodology ensures that our clients get Interim Managers that can be quickly put in place and deliver from day one.

We believe in transparency

We have great respect and understand that it’s hard to be a customer today. We have a major focus on our customer promise and ensure that our customers can be confident that we can help them in the most difficult situations. We maintain an ongoing dialogue during the appointment process and work together to find the best solution for each situation. With us, our customers can work with senior recruitment consultants who can guide them in the right direction and find the right solution for the specific situation in which the organisation finds itself.

  • Change projects, when you want to change the internal culture of the organisation
  • During expansions, mergers, IPOs or acquisitions
  • When implementing new systems
  • If you want to solve a problem on a project basis
  • During periods of sick leave or parental leave, or when employees retire
  • High workload

We believe in networks

K2 Search’s mission is to give our customers the best possible service! We go the “extra mile” in order to give our customers and Interim Managers safe, secure support – before, during and after the assignment. K2 Interim Management works closely with our colleagues in K2 Search, as well as with the rest of the Wise Group. Over the past twenty years we have built up a strong network of experienced managers who can quickly familiarise themselves with different problems. We build trusting relationships – both with our customers and with our candidates. Structure, order, knowledge, speed, curiosity and passion are keywords for creating satisfied customers and interim consultants.


Selection of completed interim assignments:

Interim CFO – Property development company

An average-sized property development company with both commercial and residential properties has employed a CFO who is completely new to this type of role. The company chooses to employ a Senior Interim CFO for a period of 6 months in order to act as a mentor to the person who is new in the role and to review processes and working methods, as well as work on strategic issues linked to financial control. The result is an efficient finance department with simplified processes, and a company with a thriving business.

Interim CFO – Property and management company

A property and management company with operations in large parts of Sweden and a head office in Stockholm has been working with the same CFO since the company launched. This person is now moving on in their career. There is a natural successor within the organisation. However, they need support and guidance. The company chooses to hire an Interim CFO for 6 months to work on this as well as offering close strategic support to the CEO to drive its business forward.

Interim CFO – Pharmaceutical manufacturing company

A large pharmaceutical company with production in several locations in Sweden. While waiting for a new recruit, the company employs an Interim CFO for 5 months in order to ensure the business continues to run smoothly, and to work on disposing of a number of the company’s properties. At the end of the assignment, responsibility for an efficient operation is handed over to a newly recruited CFO.

Interim Business Unit Manager – Technical consultancy

The company’s major region of Central/Northern Sweden is struggling with its organisational structure. They hire an Interim Business Unit Manager with a background from similar activities who is given the task of reviewing the organisation and business processes with a view to creating a profitable and highly effective organisation. The assignment lasts for 6 months and the result is very positive. The entire organisation works more actively to contribute to the company’s business and effective cooperation. Customer satisfaction improves and profitability is on the way up.

Interim Site Manager – Construction

A major British company in the construction industry specialising in logistics solutions is hired to build prestige projects for large-scale industry in Skåne. Through K2 Search, they engage a Swedish Interim Site Manager to run the project. The assignment lasts for 10 months and is very successful, as the Interim Manager acts as an excellent leader of the project and a bridge between the British company and their customer, which he already knows.

Interim CFO –Supply Chain Management

A leading company within Supply Chain Management does not have a CFO. They choose, during a transitional period, to hire an Interim CFO to, on the one hand, maintain a viable business, and on the other, to work more closely with the business than in the past when the company’s business is facing a number of major changes, including the launch of a new business area. The assignment lasts 12 months, and once finished, the company has an efficient finance department and a successful new business area.

Interim Commercial Director Northern Europe – Global company within food supplements

A leading American manufacturer of food supplements is intending to set up in the Nordic region. This is a major task and the company therefore chooses to hire on an interim basis a Senior Commercial Director with a background within the field to manage and run the launch year. The assignment lasts 12 months and subsequently the company has a strong presence in the Nordic region, as well as the rest of Europe – as a significant advantage.

Interim Quality Manager – Food producer

A major food producer in Skåne does not have a Quality Manager because the current holder of the position is on sick leave. They choose to use K2 Search to hire an Interim Quality Manager for a transitional period. The assignment lasts for 6 months and once complete, responsibility is handed back to the person who has now returned from sick leave.

Interim Sales Manager – Construction

The market-leading supplier of raw materials to the construction industry in Uppsala is having problems creating a proactive sales organisation. The company has been very successful for a long period, which has led to a sales organisation that is no longer working beyond the company. They choose to use K2 Search to hire an Interim Sales Manager who in a period of 9 months manages to create an organisation that has turned to working on outreach sales, thus creating better results.

Interim IT Manager – Government authority

The authority, whose business is IT-based and which processes large amounts of data, has an outdated IT environment to contend with. When they are faced with recruiting a new IT Manager, they choose to start by hiring a highly experienced Interim IT Manager for 6 months with the aim of identifying business needs and creating a deployment schedule. The plan is implemented together with the newly recruited IT Manager.

Interim Unit Manager – Municipality

A unit within a municipality is experiencing serious cooperation problems internally, as well as with the other parts of the organisation and external parties. The municipality decides to employ an Interim Manager with significant experience of repairing dysfunctional groups. The assignment lasts less than 9 months and the Interim Manager leaves behind an efficient group for the newly recruited Unit Manager.

Interim Offer Manager – High-tech service company

A high-tech company with offices throughout Sweden and a head office in Stockholm. The company has been struggling to create a clearer offer for some time. For a period of 10 months a Senior Interim Commercial Manager with significant experience from similar assignments is employed. The company now has a growing customer base, as their services are clearer and better packaged than previously.

Interim Commercial Director – Food producer

A large food producer in a medium-sized Swedish town hires a Senior Commercial Director for 6 months while waiting for a permanent recruit for the role. The results are positive. The company had long struggled with a strained relationship with their biggest customer. By the end of the assignment the situation had improved considerably.

Interim Sales & Marketing Manager – Premium food brand

A premium food brand with its head office in Italy wants to invest in the Nordic region. During the 12-month launch period, they choose to employ a Senior Interim Sales and Marketing Manager to run the launch as quickly and powerfully as possible. Today the company has a strong brand in Sweden and the other Nordic countries and is viewed by many consumers as the obvious choice.

Interim Senior Business Controller Nordics – Pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical company with its Nordic head office in Stockholm needs to revise the newly established role of Senior Business Controller. For a 12-month period, they choose to hire an Interim Senior Business Controller in order to help them push the work forward but also to design the permanent role in the most efficient way to work on financial control that is close to the business.