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Leadership Assessment

Our leadership assessment can be used to get a picture of an individual and a group. It is very suitable for recruitment processes, selection, evaluations and change management processes.

Leadership is important. Especially in times like these, when managers must navigate an increasingly uncertain terrain. Poor leadership can have severe consequences in terms of lost customers, lost productivity, poor working environment, high employee turnover or energy leaks in the organisation. Good leadership drives commitment and commitment in turn drives performance. This leads to successful companies and organisations.

We help our customers to find the right leader through our extensive experience of leadership assessments and executive search in combination with the market’s sharpest test tools. Based on our assessments, we can offer sharp decision-making that provides deep understanding about crucial aspects:

  • How does the manager function day to day?
  • What patterns of behaviour are displayed under pressure?
  • How fast can the manager engage with entirely new questions?
  • How does the manager assimilate information?
  • How does the manager make decisions?
  • How does the manager react to feedback on their decisions, if the decisions prove to be wrong?
  • What drives the manager?