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Business & Professional Services

In an economy and a society that is becoming increasingly complex, from the control and regulation of our homes and living environments to expectations and demands for quick delivery of goods and services, qualified advice and specialist support, both for companies and private customers, the service sector is growing and developing rapidly.

Naturally, this development is being driven by the rapid technological and digital transformation. The new conditions make not only new and changed demands on those working in the service sector; they also create opportunities for new offers, packaging and delivery methods, and also give rise to a large number of new jobs, functions, and roles.

We are an experienced and qualified partner for companies and organisations in the creation of competitive activities. Our basis for this are consultants with significant personal experience from various parts of the qualified service sector and an extensive network of qualified candidates.

We recruit successful leaders at senior and middle management levels throughout the service sector, including:

  • Logistics, 3PL/4PL
  • Facility Management (FM)
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Intelligence & Big Data
  • Security
  • Digital services
  • IT services such as IT consulting, system integration, outsourcing, managed services and SaaS

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