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Life Science

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is facing major resource and skills challenges linked to a number of global trends.

A growing aging population with new and complex medical and care needs. The pace of research and development of new and more specialised forms of treatment is increasing all the time, but leads to new challenges in terms of availability and financing. The digitisation of large parts of the healthcare sector affects both health professionals and administrative functions in and around healthcare. Overall, a number of parallel trends are placing new demands on specialist expertise and leadership within the healthcare and medical sector. Close cooperation between health systems, academia, patients and industry is crucial for attaining the ultimate goal of improving people’s health. Our consultants have the expertise and experience required to offer advice about and perform industry-specific senior recruitment assignments and leadership evaluations. We have successfully recruited senior professionals for roles such as General Manager/CEO, Clinical Director, Business Unit Manager, Business Development Director, Investment Manager Life Science, Pharmaceutical Affairs Manager, Clinical Research Manager, Medical Director, Director R&D, Head of Analytical Development, Medical Science Liaison Manager and Quality Director within the following industry-specific areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical technology
  • Diagnostics and laboratory instruments
  • Health services
  • Digital health & Digitisation

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